Hey I am Rune Haugaard and you just stumbled onto my project site and might be wondering “What is this site about and why should I care?”

Well, whether you should care or not is hard to say but I can tell you a little about what I intended when I started making the site.

The reason for making this site is actually twofold. First it was to serve as a place where I could share the projects I make in the hope that it might inspire others to do their own projects, recreate some of mine or just start a health discussion on where I went wrong with one of my projects or how I could make it even better. The second part was simply to serve as a digital portfolio to show of some of my experiences.

If you have concluded that non of this interests you then let me just thank you for reading this far and send you off with an image of a panda riding a t-rex

A panda riding a T-rex

If you however did find some of this interesting but wondering how I am and why I am qualified to build stuff, then simply put this is me:

Profile picture of Rune Haugaard

My name is Rune Haugaard and have a Masters degree in IT Product Development from Aarhus University. I have been making projects since I was a kid but never documented them [THUG LIFE] but wanted to change that so others could experiences the joy of reading about fun projects just as I have always done. So go and explore whatever might intrigue you and leave a comment if you have an improvement, request, found an error etc.

Still feel like learning more about me then look me up on the site of your choice, just look for the links at the bottom of the page under Social